The Quickkonnect app connects users through a personalized QK-Identification-Code (QK-Tag). This Tag contains the user's list of social platforms, including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Xing, etc. Once connected with another user, both parties can follow/befriend/connect with the other user’s social media platforms, with one click. Another feature, allows users to request the other’s contact information. As soon as the request is confirmed, the selected contact information is automatically downloaded into the phone’s contact book.


Simple Networking

Not only, is it easy to cross-follow people you meet but it also:

  • helps you remember who and when you connected
  • increases follower/friend # across all your social media platforms
  • If business cards run out or are forgotten, you will have a Plan B
  • Better overview of contacts made
  • Can be added to all media platforms (videos, websites, channels, blogs etc.)

Contact Exchange

After scanning the other person’s QK-Tag, you can do the following:

  • request their contact information which downloads to your phone’s contact book and stays updated!
  • People receiving requests can choose which category to share: business, social, international, national or ALL.
  • Categories can be freely added or deleted. It is all up to you!

Ranking- Competition

After every connection, you will receive points and will be able to compete:

  • locally, nationally, internationally or between friends or colleagues.
  • The annual top 20 users in the international ranking list will receive a special “networker” badge
  • Further prizes and gifts are given out as well!! Annually, these awards change, so stay updated.


Core Product Values For You

Easy to Network

Users can simply keep expanding their network through the use of the app. Just scan another user’s QR-Code, no typing needed! The more connected the users are, the larger the network becomes, increasing the ranking.

Well Documented

All your matches and contacts are either chronologically ordered, along with the date, time, photo and location in the history list. Furthermore, you will get statistical information about how your networking is going.

Perfect Showcase

Imagine forgetting or running out of business cards but you would like to continue to portray professionalism. With Quickkonnect you will always have your virtual card with you, ready to connect in a professional and stylish way.


Only the safest and most trusted softwares, storage facilities and encryption methods are used to keep your data safe. All data can only be shared by you when another scans your QK-Tag, and you still have to confirm the individual requests.


The competition between the world and friends, is entertaining. On the website, users can view the daily expansion of the network and will find, that they are more connected than they were, prior to using us.


All your connections are listed in chronological order with the following information: Date connected, Photo, Name, Location. The list is searchable and each individual profile can be revisited to unfollow/follow the person on certain social media accounts, as well as request to download their contact information.

Offline Mode and what if an individual does not have the app?

If you do not have an internet connection at the moment or the person you would like to connect with does not have the Quickkonnect app, you can type the person's email address into the app, which will send your QK-Tag to his/her email. Thus made available to scan once the person downloaded the app or is online again.

Social Media Platforms


We are working on several business and marketing solutions. It should be ready to go in 4-5 weeks, stay up-to-date on our social media platforms and the press page!


Meet our Quickkonnect Team! We work hard to make your QK experience unique, fun, professional and most importantly meet your expectations.


Nikolas Florian Messerer

Co-Founder, CFO

Niklas Jonathan Haensch

Co-Founder, COO

Cedric von Halem

Co-Founder CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Check out the most frequently asked questions before submitting yours below.

Am I restricted to a certain amount of connections?
Of course not! We encourage you to go out there and connect with as many people as you can! You can even win various prizes from the annual gift selection, if you qualify into the top 20 highest ranked networkers.
Are my informations on public display?
Unless you have matched with someone, your information remains private. No other user is able to retrieve any of your social media profiles nor your personal contact information.
Can I personalise my QK tag?
Most certainly you can! In the process of registration, you will reach a step in which you can upload an image so that it is displayed in the centre of your QK tag. Then, you can modify the colours of the external and internal boundary of the tag, to fit your taste!
Do I automatically share all my personal information when matching with someone?
It is purely up to you what you want to share! You can choose to give as much as all your social media and personal information, as little as one social media profile or nothing at all.
Can I share my info with people who do not have the app?
Yes you can! On the homescreen you can find the button “send QK-Tag”. When pressed, you can choose to send your QK-Tag via SMS, Whatsapp or Email. Once they download the Quickkonnect app, all they need to do is to scan your code which you send to them.
Can I still connect with people if I don’t have internet access?
This is possible if you follow the same steps as the previous question. It will be placed onto a waiting list and once you have internet again, the QK-Tag will be send to the person you were trying to connect with.
Is it Quickkonnect’s purpose to substitute business cards?
No, this is not our goal at the moment. We are even working with a Print-Firm which prints business cards with your personal Qk-Tag! Quickkonnect is there to increase efficiency and should of course be used when business cards are forgotten or run out.
When entering my social media information, are my profiles automatically synchronized?
Yes. After having entered your social media information, your profiles will automatically be synchronized to our platform.
Is my personal information on public display?
Unless you have matched with someone, your information remains private. No other user will be able to retrieve any of your social media profiles, nor your personal contact information.